the haps

the gbox staff! (we're working on beer and wine . . .)

What’s going on with GREASEBOX? Well, alot actually. As you know, we are now at 942 Stanford Ave in Oakland. We now have staff (pictured above) besides me and my grumpy fiancee, Hae. I’ve been collecting dishes, mugs, chairs, lights and so on to give the funky little cafe some sexy ambiance. My dear friend Jenny Yang made some beautiful succulent terrariums for the tables, and another close friend Becky of The Green Experiment is putting a fresh coat of paint on the inside. Little by little we’ll sexify the space. In the, hopefully near, future we’ll build a patio out front, so watch for our kickstarter to help out with that.  So, we’re closed this week (7-7-13 until 7-14-13), but the Farmer’s Market will still happen out front on Saturday, we may have some coffee and muffins for you too. BUT, on MONDAY JULY 15TH, we’ll be OPEN!! I’ll have a full breakfast and lunch menu and then FRIDAY JULY 19TH, we’ll have our first BBQ dinner!! I’m working on the menu right now, actually. So, if you have any requests or suggestions, leave them in the comments. I love a good challenge, so get to requesting. And, we’ll be applying for a beer and wine license, so cross your fingers, we all wana get tanked in the patio! Everything we prepare will be seasonal, natural, pesticide free and responsibly sourced. Much of our produce will come from African American owned farms, more on that soon. So come by, and keep checking up on our facebook and instagram (greaseboxoakland) and right here on the website. I’ll keep you updated.



5 thoughts on “the haps

  1. Greasebox,
    Are your GF products available at the Farmer’s Market? I just want to confirm before I drag my (celiac) daughter down on the Saturday morning right after Girl Scout Overnight camp? I know that the Farmer’s Market is a good thing to support, but need to have a draw if I’m bringing my kids. Thanks, Your new #1 Fan.

  2. Noticed that beer and wine license thing and I want to say this: Harvester brewing company is the most legit delicious certified GF beer I have ever tasted. they’re based in Portland and don’t yet distribute this far south but they aren’t unwilling. It would be a process, but if their distributer would reach this far, they might even let you have their beer on tap (since you’re legit GF and not going to ever run some contaminated beer through the line–which is always their biggest concern). Anywho, it’s a stretch, but at least check them out. I cannot say enough about how tasty their beer is!

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