crossroads cafe

So the cat is out of the bag:

East Bay Express


Diablo Mag

Eater SF

Now let me tell you some *exclusive* details.

Location: 942 Stanford @ 60th street, Oakland

Opening: Monday, June 24th @ 8am for OneNinetySeven Cowboy Coffee and Muffins, then slowly expanding service until our official opening in mid July.

We are going to be working on the space and making it look pretty and so on for the next few weeks. Right now it has a very funky old school under-the-radar anarchist meet up college-y dive cafe look. I just want to give the spot a facelift. We will be applying for a Beer and Wine License ASAP and setting up a patio in the HUGE lot in front of the cafe.

There is a farmer’s market there on Saturdays, run by the food justice group called Phat Beets. They support minority owned farms and are creating a vibrant underground food system with their Beet Box CSA and community outreach on issues concerning our totally fucked up food world here in the US. They have fought deliberate gentrification of North Oakland, provided a forum for combating things like police brutality. . . All in all, Phat Beets is a radical social justice collective that provides affordable, pesticide free produce to the diverse North Oakland Hood. Some of the produce comes from an urban farm on Dover Street that is tended by neighborhood kids (so awesome!). I will be sourcing as much of my produce from them as possible.

So, come by for a coffee and check out the market next week. I’ll keep you updated, promise.



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